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  • Machine Learning for and at the Edge, STFC Hartree Centre, UK (Virtual)

  • Edge Computing: The Next Internet and Telecoms Frontier, Rakuten Mobile, Japan (Virtual)

  • Real-time Responsiveness and Dynamic Adaptation in Edge Computing Systems, International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) Focus Group on Autonomous Networking (Virtual)

  • Edge Computing: The Next Internet Frontier, Western Sydney University, Australia (Virtual)

  • Edge Computing: Past, Present and Future, AllState NI Innovation (Virtual)


  • Scission: Performance-driven and Context-aware Cloud-Edge Distribution of Deep Neural Networks, IEEE/ACM UCC (Virtual)

  • The Next Internet Frontier - British Telecommunications plc, Belfast

  • The Edge of Computing - Queen's University Belfast Podcast


  • Future Clouds and what it might mean for an end user - SCONE Meeting, University of Glasgow [Keynote]

  • DeFog: Fog Computing Benchmarks - ACM/IEEE SEC, Washington DC, USA


  • Making Augmented Reality a Reality with Edge Computing - BBC Northern Ireland


  • ​Scalable Computing Beyond the Cloud - University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, University of Glasgow, University of Cardiff, University of Sussex, Queen's University Belfast, Keele University, University of East Anglia


  • Challenges and Opportunities in Edge Computing - IEEE SmartCloud, New York, USA

  • Opportunities in Scalable Computing - Stony Brook University, New York, USA

  • DocLite: Docker Container-based Lightweight Benchmarking - IEEE/ACM CCGrid, Cartagena, Colombia

  • Container-Based Cloud Virtual Machine Benchmarking - IEEE IC2E, Berlin, Germany


  • ​Acceleration-as-a-Service: Exploiting Virtual GPUs for a Financial Application - IEEE eScience, Munich, Germany

  • Cloud-based e-Infrastructure for Scheduling Astronomical Observations - IEEE eScience, Munich, Germany


  • ​Are Clouds Ready to Accelerate Ad hoc Financial Simulations? - IEEE/ACM BDC, London, UK

  • Academic Cloud Computing Research: Pitfalls and Opportunities - University of Glasgow, UK

  • BigExcel: A Web-Based Framework for Exploring Big Data in Social Sciences - Big Humanities Data Workshop at IEEE BigData, Washington DC, USA


  • ​Royal Birth of 2013: Analysing and Visualising Public Sentiment in the UK Using Twitter - Big Humanities Data Workshop at IEEE BigData, Santa Clara, USA

  • Achieving Speedup in Real-time Aggregate Risk Analysis using Multiple GPUs - ICPP, Lyon, France

  • High Performance Risk Aggregation: Addressing the Data Processing Challenge the Hadoop MapReduce Way - ACM HPDC, New York, USA


  • ​A Platform for Parallel R‐based Analytics on Cloud Infrastructure - Science Cloud Workshop at ICPP, Pittsburgh, USA

  • A Hybrid Agent Based Approach for Automated Fault Tolerance - SIAM PP, Savannah, USA


  • ​Achieving Automated Fault Tolerance for High-Performance Computing Systems - University of Cape Town, South Africa

  • Automating Fault Tolerance - Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford, UK

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