I work with a number of talented individuals in multiple institutions. First position is indicated for those who have graduated.



  • 2021- : Bailey Eccles (on a scholarship from the University of St Andrews) - Adaptive Model Pruning for Resource-constrained Edge Computing

  • 2021- : Zihan Zhang (on the Rakuten sponsored international scholarship) - Parallelisation techniques for Edge-based Distributed Machine Learning

  • 2020- : Di Wu (on the Rakuten sponsored International scholarship) - Distributed Machine Learning in Edge Computing Systems

  • 2019- : Ayesha Majeed (on the Schlumberger scholarship) - Context-aware Offloading in Fog/Edge Computing

  • 2016-19 : Nan Wang (on a fully funded international scholarship) - now at Durham University, UK - Resource Management in Edge Computing

  • 2013-17: Long Thai (with Prof. Adam Barker, University of St Andrews) - now at Amazon, UK - Optimising the Usage of Cloud Resources for Executing Bag-of-Task Applications