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I am keen to work with outstanding individuals and always welcome potential new members to join

my ambitious and multi-cultural team.

The following is a short note on my team philosophy. I promote and facilitate an egalitarian styled team: 

  • We help and learn from each other,

  • We respect and value each others contributions,

  • We take responsibility for our research and day-to-day work, 

  • We generate our own ideas (I contribute in shaping and articulating some of them),

  • We learn from the strengths of our team members, 

  • We hope to bring the best in each other, 

  • We are accountable to each other, and

  • We celebrate hard work and success outside our offices. 


I currently do not have any openings, but if I do they will be publicly advertised. You can also consider joining my team on funded fellowships - Marie Curie, Royal Academy of Engineering, Newton InternationalRoyal Commission etc.



I internally advertise Masters and Undergraduate projects at the School of Computer Science. If you have an idea of your own, please get in touch.


My team and I aim to advance computing by tackling scientific and societal challenges. If you would like to join our team to make contributions to our projects, please get in touch.


If you have an interesting idea of your own, I can help you shape ideas for a Fellowship application or PhD, Masters or undergraduate research projects in any area of parallel, distributed and scalable computing.

    Interested in more information? Please get in touch.

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